Why women have Botox?

Emma Reynolds talks about her obsession with beauty and how it affected her growing up. Dr Ayoubi was there to help; now she is a confident happy, young woman.

The Times Magazine

Emma Reynolds, 25 first had Anti-Wrinkle Injections when she was 19, and since had lip fillers and breast implants. she works as a City PA and Lives in Essex.

'My attitude is: if you're unhappy about your appearance, do something about it. But there is a point when you have to stop'.

" I have alwas been beauty -obsessed. It started as a child when my mum used to take me for a blow-dry once a month: then in my teens I moved on to make-up, eyebrows, nails, waxing- and finally comsmetice surgery.

" At 16, all my friends had developed breasts and I hadnt. I would see women on TV and in magazines with perfect bodies and think, They're in proportion. so why aren't i?"

"At school I became fanatical about stuffing my bras: triple-air gel bras, chicken fillets.. You name it..I've tried it, always trying to disguise the real me. It started to affect my relationships with boys. I constantly worried .'What are they going to think when they find out my real size?' All I could see were negatives- and thats why I started having the treatments.

"It began with Anti-Wrinkle Injections when i was 19, At work  I'm always frowning at my computer and developed a deep line in my forehead. I remeber casually brinign up the subject of Anti-Wrinkle Injections with my mum, but she said 'You dont need that you perfect'. But I was determined. Some people might be happy to grow old gracefully, but I'm Not.

'I booked an appointment with Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi on Harley Street, who was recommende by a frieind . The Anti-Wrinkle Injections took five minutes, but then I had to wait seven days for it to work. I almost forgot I'd had it done, unitl I realsised I couldnt frown any more. I can understand why it becomes additictve , because as soon as your face starts to move again you think, 'I need more '.

" It wasnt long before I moved to dermal lip fillers. There are loads of storeis about celebrites with 'trout pouts', but i knew I could trust my surgeon, so just after I turned 20 I had my lips done. I thought they were too big at first , but the number of compliments I had was incredible. My friends were all envious.

"Now the only problem was my breasts. Going under the knife for the sake of your looks might sound drastic to some people but I was 22 and had been waiting for this moment since I was 16- and there comes a point when you just get fed up up of padded bras.

"When I sat down and told my parents , my dad was dead against it. He kept saying 'This is a serious operation . have you really thought about the risks?" But my mind was made up.

" I took them to meet Dr Al-Ayoubi, so he could explain the procedure. I needed my parents support. He reassured them that he would only go up to a DD cup-if I wanted to go bigger, I could find another surgeon.

" I remember waking up after the anaesthetic with a very heavy chest. Seven days later. I stood in front of the mirror for the first time and thought 'Wow!" They didnt look false.

" Since having my breasts enlarged , my confidence has soared- to the extent that I think it saved my realtionshop. Now that I'm happier in myself, I dont get jealous anymore.

"its true what they say about cosmetic  surgey ; having one preocdure makes you less scared of having other things done, so last October I also had Co2 laser treatment to fix the dark skin pirgmentation under my eyes. " My attitde is if your unahppy about your apperance , do domething about it. But there is a point when you have to stop. Some girls see celebrities like Katie Price and want to look like her, which is worrying.

"Plastic surgey has brought me out of my shell. And beause I did it young, its moulded me into the confident adult I am today".

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