The ThermaGuide temperature sensing cannula has a thermistor near the treatment tip of the fiber that profiles temperature subdermally near the treatment site. This information is relayed back to the laser.

The laser, in turn, has two user selectable temperature settings a treatment (Rx) limit and a high (Hi) temperature limit. During the laser procedure, if the laser detects that the subdermal temperature reaches the Rx limit, the laser will stop emitting energy until the cannula is moved to another treatment area (cooler than the Rx limit).

If the high (Hi) temperature limit is reached during treatment, the laser stops and instructs the user to take measures to immediately cool the treatment area. Once the laser error has been cleared, lasing can resume in another treatment area (cooler than the Rx limit).

Smartsense with ThermaGuide is the only device on the market today that incorporates intelligent sensing near the treatment end of the cannula.

This allows to achieve:

  • Temperature monitoring at site of lasing for instand temperature feedback
  • Precise and controlled body contouring
  • Best possible skin tightening effects through tissue coagulation
  • Safer clinical results with greater efficiency

Temperature profiling that Makes Sense

ThermaGuide provides temperature feed back to deliver the appropriate level of laser energy.


Temperature Sensing:

  • The ThermaGuide cannula contains a sensor which measures tissue temperature
  • Laser workstation calculates average temperature and displays it on the screen
  • Laser energy is delivered until the target temperature is reached, for a safer and more uniform treatment
  • Sophisticated software allows to select temperature settings to both warn the surgeon and then reduce the laser energy when subdermal temperatures exceed target temperature.

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