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A lot was heard about the revolutionary BodyTite radiofrequency technology which was introduced into the UK by Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi in 2009 and the wonders it can work to sculpt the physique. Now a new application of BodyTite has emerged and developed which promises to do the same for your face.

The BodyTite has been hailed as the future of the body sculpting, and its ability to tighten skin at the same time as removing fat has wowed cosmetic practitioners worldwide.

At Invasix, the manufacturer of BodyTite, has developed a new head for the BodyTite machine to create the latest application: FaceTite.

Using exactly the same radiofrequency technology as BodyTite (it’s the same machine, but with the much finer cannula to treat the more delicate face area), FaceTite promises to provide a true facelift effect, but without going under the surgeon’s knife.

How does it work?

Radiofrequency assisted lipolysis technology provides safe and controlled directional heat to attack subcutaneous fat and tighten collagenous tissue.

Unlike BodyTite, it uses a non-aspirating cannula, which means it doesn’t not suck out fat- there is rarely enough fat in the face for liposuction to be necessary- but instead works to promote tissue contoured look. However, if necessary, fat can be removed from areas such as the jowls and below the chin.

Under local anaesthetic- and, if desired, some oral sedation- the FaceTite cannula is inserted just under the skin and the radiofrequency energy is used to heat the skin up to 39 degree. The effect of this is to instantly tighten the skin- Face Tite effect of this is to instantly tighten the skin- FaceTite can have a tightening effect of up to 40 per cent- and create a more youthful, lifted appearance.

If there’s no aspiration, why does the cannula go under the skin?

Radiofrequency energy alone will tighten skin, but if you want a turbo-charged effect, you need to trigger the body’s self-heal mechanism.

Breaking the skin to insert the cannula underneath, along with the additional heating element on the body to produce more collagen. Essentially, this is how scars are produced, but when the scarring is on the inside is a lifted, plumped and tightened complexion.

How quickly will I see results?

Most patients see results immediately or within a few days, however, as with all radiofrequency treatments, results will continue to improve over a three to six week period as more new collagen is produced and skin tightens further. Depending on the area treated, the skin laxity and your desired results, more than one although this is unusual.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi, of London Medical& Aesthetic Clinic, who has introduced the BodyTite into the UK in 2009 explains: “FaceTite is just what it says- a method of tightening facial skin that takes a few minutes and gets significant improvement.”

“For outstanding results,” Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi says: “The BodyTite Surgeon can combine this treatment with the machine’s other modality, the revolutionary Fractora. This is a skin resurfacing treatment for lines and wrinkles, which can be done immediately post FaceTite while the local anaesthetic is still working. ”

“What these two treatments do is to treat the outside of the skin as well as lift it from the inside. The Fractora also offers a significant additional lifting and smoothing effect.”

Are there any long-term risks with FaceTite?

“FaceTite is based on technology that has been used in operating theatres for many years.” Surgeons use this technology day in, day out in theatres to cauterise blood vessels and to allow them to carry out operations more safely.

The clever part has been to reduce the power, enhance the safety and adapt the machine so suck out fat. There is no recorded incidence of nerve damage or burns to the skin.

Why have CO2 Laser skin resurfacing as well?

If your skin is generally in good condition and you just wish to tighten up a few problem areas, then up a few problem areas, then you don’t need to have Fractora o top of FaceTite. But many people have wrinkles, acne scarring or poor skin texture as well as sagging areas, and these people may find that whilst FaceTite has a great tightening affect, they don’t look quite as youthful as they don’t look quite as youthful as they hoped after treatment.

The next big thing

Radiofrequency is currently big news in facial rejuvenation, with treatments such as Palleve hitting the market to great claims in recent months.

By heating the skin from the inside as well as the outside, FaceTite adds a new dimension to radiofrequency skin tightening, offers what some experts are hailing as the first true minimally invasive facelift.

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