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BodyTite uses an advanced technology called Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo Tightening (RFALTM) which offers a safe, gentle and improved body contouring radio frequency assisted liposuction.

The BodyTite procedure uses the patented RFAL technology to gently melt and remove excess fat through a tiny incision in an inconspicuous location. By pre-melting the fat, the removal is a far less traumatic process, greatly reducing post-procedural pain, swelling or discomfort. BodyTite will eliminate fatty deposits and provide improvements to re-contour the body.

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi presenting and explaining in this video how the BodyTite works:

Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi: ” my patients and I prefer Iv sedation or general anesthesia for this surgery. All are marked for the procedure in the standing position – preoperatively, as with all liposuction cases. After proper positioning on the operating table, tiny incisions in various appropriate locations are made and tumescent infiltration is performed, then I go in with the BodyTite device”.

Prior to inserting the internal probe, Dr Ayoubi sets the depth that he wishs to treat in the desired area. In addition, the LCD display on the console allows the surgeon to set the energy level delivered to the tissue in watts, the range of impedance and the skin temperature that you desire to achieve. The device will automatically shut off power when the set temperature is achieved. Both audible and visual cues are given, as the device is used and the set temperature is reached.

The hollow probe is connected to low suction and usually performed in both the deep subcutaneous fat level and closer to the skin surface to better direct the energy and therefore maximize the skin contracture. After using the BodyTite device, Dr Al-Ayoubi will often follow with power-assisted liposuction to further remove liquefied fat.

A higher percentage of skin tightening means remarkably better results. Traditional liposuction uses the cannula instrument to suction out fat cells. BodyTite uses a slower motion than traditional liposuction but the fat is safely emulsified, which allows suctioning with greater ease and less trauma to the surrounding tissues.

Heating from the inside – out, the radiofrequency (RF) energy comes from an internal electrode cannula to an external electrode, simultaneously coagulating adipose vascular and fibrous tissue. This combined approach directly heats the subdermal and subcutaneous layers which are actually the target structures for skin tightening.

This controlled heating creates connective tissue and skin tightening, never before available to patients. It means that doctors can do more aggressive liposuction on areas where the skin is looser, because we know they can cause significant contraction to bring in that loose skin once it is emptied of unwanted fat.

If the patient has a loose skin and abdomen fat; he or she is a good candidate for BodyTite surgery. On the inside there is connective tissue and blood vessels and the fat cells which have to be dealt with. The cannula is placed on the inside and passes the radiofrequency between the cannula and the surface monitor.

The surface blade monitors the temperature and the impedance. The cannula placed at different plains so it can apply energy in an even and efficient manner. On the inside the radiofrequency energy coagulates blood vessels and exploding fat cells.

The BodyTite device is equipped with a closed loop safety system, which monitors the flow of energy and shuts down incase of overheating of the electrodes. Surgeons can also monitor the patient’s skin temperature and increase or decrease the impedance level for optimal body sculpting.

The liquified fat then has to be removed by relatively gentle liposuction and vacuum. The fat cells are removed in a sufficient way. This allows the skin to contract and to reform. New blood vessels form within the following few weeks. The patient needs to wear a garment for two weeks after the surgery.

As a result of the radiofrequency that are used in the BodyTite technique to break down and liquify the fat cells prior to removal, there is a lot less physical trauma to the treated area and consequently, less risk of complication. One possible drawback that some patients have complained of however, is an increased feeling of tiredness and soreness after surgery.

The soreness can in some cases be quite severe and is often described as a stabbing sensation in the treated area. This usually goes after a few weeks at most and can be controlled with pain-killing medication. Patients might also experience some mild bruising or swelling after surgery but again this is usually temporary and will disappear after about four to six weeks.

In some rare cases infection can occur post-surgery, but in reality there is no greater risk in Bodytite liposuction of an infection occurring than in any other surgical procedure and it can usually be treated with antibiotics.

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