Mr Nasir Nasser

FDS, FRCS (London)

Mr Nasir A Nasser is a Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon with an extensive experience of all aspects of maxillofacial and facial plastic surgery

He is known internationally for his special interest in reconstructive and aesthetic rhinoplasty, chin surgery and malar augmentation which he practiced and taught widely for the last thirty years.


Mr Nasser’s expertise includes all aspects of facial plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as maxillofacial surgery such as Brow lift, Buccal fat extraction, chin surgery and cheek and malar augmentation and rhinoplasty.

He is known internationally for his special interest in reconstructive and aesthetic rhinoplasty, chin surgery and malar augmentation which he practiced and taught widely for the last thirty years.



1960-61 Baghdad College of Dentistry

1962-65 Bangalore Dental College

1964-65 Part of the final year at Glasgow Dental Hospital


1973-77 Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, University of London


1965 BDS 1st Class Honours

1977 LMSSA (London) LRCP MRCS (Eng)

1980 FDSRCPS (Glasgow)

1980 FRCS (London)

Registration: General Medical Council – Full. No: 2379102


  • Head and neck oncology
  • Skin cancers of the head and neck (not melanoma)
  • Surgery of the parotid glands
  • Facial plastic surgery
  • Plastic surgery to the nose


1966 King Idriss Scholarship. Three months secondment to the Royal Dental

College, Copenhagen, Denmark, under Prof. J. J. Pindborg

1967-69 Sponsored by Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Libya, to train in

Maxillofacial Surgery in the UK, under Prof. H. C. Killey

1986 B.A.O.M.S. Scholarship (Royal College of Surgeons) at the Ahmadu Bello University Hospital, Kaduna, Nigeria.


Barts Health NHS Trust, Whipps Cross Hospital, London (Current)

Part time Consultant in Maxillofacial Surgery

Charing Cross Hospital (2001-2006)

Population served 1.0 million shared with three other consultations, supported by 6 SHOs And four staff grades.

Main interests:

Head and neck oncology and Reconstruction

Nasal deformity – secondary and tertiary referral


Population served: 310000, shared with one other part time consultant, supported by four SHOs between Edgware, Barnet, Finchley Memorial and Potters Bar Hospitals.

Appointments Following Dental Qualifications:

1966. Assistant Dental Surgeon –to Dr Postlethwaite and Dr Topazian at

Moassat Hospital, Tripoli, Libya (12 months)

1967 Honorary SHO to late Prof. H. C. Killey at Eastman Dental Hospital,

London (6 months)

1968. SHO to Mr E. H. Wisley at Southend General Hospital, Essex (6 months)

1968 SHO to late Mr D. Downton at Royal Free Hospital London (6 months)

1968-69 SHO to Mr B. W Fickling at St George’s Hospital London (6 months)

1970. Registrar to late Dr W. Fraser-Moodie at Central Middlesex Hospital,

London (12 months)

1970. Honorary SHO to late Mr J. H Hovell at St Thomas’ Hospital, (6 months)

1972. Registrar to Mr R. A. Peebles at Kingston Hospital & St Peter’s Hospital,

Chertsey (2 years)

1973. Locum Registrar to Mr B. W. Fickling, Prof. G. L. Howe and Mr F. R. Coffin

at St George’s Hospital & Royal Marsden Hospital (6 months).

Appointments Following Medical Qualification:

1977. House Surgeon (General Surgery) to Prof. A.G. Johnson and Mr Grant

Williams at Charing Cross Hospital (6 months)

1978. House Physician (General Medicine & Neurology) to Dr F. Clifford Rose,

and Dr G. D. Perkin at Charing Cross Hospital (6 months)

1978 SHO (General Surgery & Urology) to Mr J. I. Burn, Mr P. F. Philip, and

Mr K. W. Reynolds at Charing Cross Hospital (6 months)

1978-79 SHO (General Surgery & Oncology) to Mr J. E. H. Pendower, Mr K. W.

Reynolds at Charing Cross Hospital (6 months)

1980. SHO (General Surgery) to Mr J. E. H Pendower and Mr J. W. Bradbeer at

Mayday Hospital, Croydon (12 months)

1981. SHO ( Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) to Mr J. S. P. Wilson and Mr G.

Westbury at St George’s and Westminster Hospitals (8 months)

1981 Surgical Registrar (General Surgery & Urology) to Mr J. I. Burn and Mr P.

F. Philip at Charing Cross Hospital (6 months).

Higher Training In Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery:

1983. Senior Registrar to Professor J. H. Sowray, Mr G. H. Forman and Professor

J. P. Rood at King’s College Hospital, London

1983 Senior Registrar on secondment, to Professor E. O. Adekeye

at ABU Teaching Hospital Kaduna, Nigeria

1989. Senior Registrar to Professor J. H. Sowray. Mr. G. H. Forman, and Professor

J. D. Langdon at Kings College Hospital, London.


• Lectures and tutorials to medical students Charing Cross Hospital, 1978 –81

• Ward rounds, tutorials and lectures to undergraduate dental students

Kings College Hospital 1981 – 89

• Clinical tutor in surgery to the final year MBBS students Kings College Hospital 1985-88

• Clinical tutor to medical students from Royal Free & UCH Middlesex Hospitals

Edgware and Barnet Hospitals 1989

• Clinical tutor and examiner to Medical Students of Imperial College

• Resident tutor at the Nuffield College, Royal College of Surgeons of England

Final FDS Residential Course, February 1983

• Primary FDS Course for internal graduates of Kings College Hospital

• Lectures in surgical anatomy MGDS Course arranged by British Postgraduate

Medical Foundation, 1984 & 1985

• Lectures in clinical anatomy to the MSc Course in Dental Radiology

Kings College Hospital London 1985,1986 & 1987

• Regular lectures and clinical demonstrations to surgical SHOs and casualty officers at Barnet Hospital since 1990.

• Examiner in surgery to final MBBS students at University of London – 1997 to 2005

Lectures, Courses, Workshops and Conferences:

April 2006 – Arabi Plast Bahrain – International meeting of plastic and reconstructive surgeons Lectured on:

i) Management of saddle nose deformity

ii) Paraumbilical fat graft for parotidectomy defects

iii) Premaxillary augmentation as an adjunct to rhinoplasty

31st March 2006 – Lectured on rhinoplasty – Maxillofacial SPR Conference Southampton

23rd March 2006 – Maxillofacial Trainees conference Cardiff Lectured on Rhinoplasty – basic principles, technique, complications

28th February – 3rd March,2006 – Conducted 7th Rhinoplasty Workshop for Cleft lip nose deformity, Dharwad, Craniofacial & Cleft Centre, Karnatak State, India

January 2006 – Conducted two Rhinoplasty Workshop for secondary cleft lip nasal deformity, Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury, Wilts

December 2005 – January 2006 , Conducted Rhinoplasty Workshop Burns and Plastic Surgery Centre, Tripoli, Libya and Tripoli Medical Centre

August 2005 – Conducted Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Workshop at A J Hospital & Medical School, Mangalore, India

February 2005 – Conducted 6th Rhinoplasty Workshop – cleft lip nose deformity Dharwad Craniofacial& Cleft Centre, Karnatak State, India

January 2005 – Conducted International Rhinoplasty Workshop for the South Zone. Plastic Surgeons of India at the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Unit .Stanley Medical College, Madras, India

November 2004 – Pre conference Rhinoplasty Workshop Indian Maxillofacial Surgeons Conference

Orange County Hospital, Nagpur, India

October 2004 – 5th Rhinoplasty Workshop. Specialists Hospital – Centre for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Cochin, Kerala State, India

October 2004 – Conducted International Rhinoplasty Worshop. “Meet the Masters” Charing Cross Hospital, London

February 2004 – Rhinoplasty Workshop, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Unit. Stanley Medical Centre, Madras, India

January 2004 – 5th Rhinoplasty Workshop, Dharwad Craniofacial & Cleft Centre, Karnatak State, South India

November 2003 – 4th Rhinoplasty Workshop. Specialists Hospital – Centre for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Cochin, Kerala State, India

February 2002 – 4th Rhinoplasty Workshop, Dharwad Craniofacial & Cleft Centre

October 2002 – 3rd Rhinoplasty Workshop

October 2002 – Rhinoplasty Workshop for ENT & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Goa Medical College, Goa, India

February 2002 – 3rd Rhinoplasty Workshop, Dharwad Craniofacial & Cleft Centre

October 2001 – 3rd Rhinoplasty Workshop, Specialists Hospital Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

February 2001 – Rhinoplasty Workshop, Dharwad Craniofacial & Cleft Centre

June 1990 – Rhinoplasty study days at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

October 1992 – Lectured on oral malignancy and pre-malignancy to the Pan-Cyprian Medical Association, Cyprus

June 1992 – Rhinoplasty study day at Glan Clwydd Hospital North Wales

June 1993 – Rhinoplasty study day at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead

November 1993 – Jointly conducted rhinoplasty course with Dr Gilbert Aiasch at Walton Hospital, Liverpool

February 1994 – Basic rhinoplasty course at Sunderland Hospitals Trust

April 1994 – Rhinoplasty workshop to the Maxillofacial unit at Guy’s Hospital

July 1996 – Conducted international rhinoplasty conference in Bexleyheath

October 1996 – Lectured on rhinoplasty for Cleft Lip and Palate in Poole

September 1998 –  Conducted international reconstructive rhinoplasty course at Manor House Hospital, London

October 1999 – Conducted international aesthetic rhinoplasty course at Edgware, Community Hospital

Conducted several courses and workshops on lip cancer and tongue cancer at the

Chrisovolantou Clinic, Limassol, Cyprus from 1993 onwards.


1) Adekeye E.O, Lavery K.M., Nasser N.A. – The versatility and use of

myocutaneous flaps in the reconstruction of cancrum oris defects in

adolescents and children. European Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery 1986; 14:99 – 102

2) Nasser N.A. – The use of the miniflap suction drain in maxillofacial surgery.

Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons 1986; 68: 151 – 153

3) Nasser N. A, Lever E.G. – Hyponatraemia and hypothyroidism in a previously

irradiated case of carcinoma of the tongue. J. Laryngo Otology 1987; Jul; 101(7): 685-8.

4) Nasser N. A., Dodd S.M. –Chondroid syringoma – benign cutaneous tumour

International Journal of Oral and Maxfac Surgery 1987;Aug 16(4): 521-3

5) Nasser N. A., Marcus A. J., The treatment of a chronic parotid cutaneous fistula

by the injection of a solution of lipiodol with cyanoacrylate. Clinical Radiology. 1998 Aug;53(8):616-8

6) Nasser N. A. – Hammodeh N. Synovial Chondromatosis – a mistaken diagnosis

for parotid tumour Journal of Otolaryngology 2005

7) Nasser N. A. Osher J. Bipartite atlas – differential diagnosis British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2004

8) Nasser N. A. Osher J. Bizarre and unusual metastases from adenoid cystic

carcinoma Journal of Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine and Dental Radiology 2004.


• British Association of Clinical Anatomists

• British Association of Head and Neck Oncology

• American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

• The Joseph Society – European Academy of Aesthetic Facial Surgery

• Member of the Independent Doctors’ Forum

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