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Lustre Pro is a revolutionary new technology to treat acne spots. Over 80% of people will suffer with acne at some point in their life with many cases continuing beyond the teenage years which it is commonly associated with.

Acne is most common between the ages of 14 and 17 in girls, and boys between 16 and 19. Most people have acne on and off for several years and it often disappears when a person reaches their mid-twenties.  About 5% of adults will have acne after the age of 25.

Acne spots usually develop on the face, back and chest. The spots can range from surface blackheads and whiteheads – which are often mild – to deep, inflamed, pus-filled pustules and cysts, which can be severe and long-lasting and lead to scarring.

Acne is most commonly linked to the changes in hormone levels during puberty, but can start at any age. It affects the grease-producing glands next to the hair follicles in the skin. Certain hormones cause these glands to produce larger amounts of oil and sebum. 

This abnormal sebum changes the activity of a usually harmless skin bacterium called P. acnes which becomes more aggressive and causes inflammation and pus. Acne is known to run in families. If a patient’s mother or father had acne then they are much more likely to suffer from it at some point.

Many people try a vast array of products and medications to try and treat their acne, often resorting to harsh chemicals, which offer limited results. Lustre Pure Light is a new light technology clinically proven to fight spots. The technology has been developed by dermatologists and health care professionals specialising in skin conditions. It is exclusively available in specialist clinics such as the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic.

Lustre Pure Light Pro harnesses the safe, natural blue part of the visible light spectrum and uses clinically proven the technology to eliminate spot-causing bacteria while also being gentle on skin. Lustre Pure Light Pro is a clinical-strength light technology to treat spots at home. When used with topical products, it provides effective treatment for active acne whilst reducing the risk of future breakouts.

The treatment is so effective it only needs to be worn for 20 minutes per day. This makes Lustre Pro an efficient treatment that can be tailored to a patient’s busy schedule and can be used at their convenience. It is the only wearable acne device that delivers treatment while the user carries out normal day to day activities.

Lustre Pro is specifically designed to complement other prescribed acne treatments. It will not affect the results of other treatments and can be used alongside acne treatments harmoniously. The technology can also be used independently to provide effective acne relief. Lustre Pro is clinically proven to accelerate acne treatment results. The technology is tough on spots but gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The treatment is a painless, relaxing and cost effective way to target acne. Patients can expect to see an improvement in their acne and a reduction in breakouts. Lustre Pro will also provide patients with improved facial tone and texture. These results will undoubtedly renew patient confidence in their appearance and previous insecurities regarding their skin.

The treatment is easy to use. Lustre Pure Light Pro works by placing three treatment heads onto the affected area. Disposable self-adhesive, hypoallergenic, strips comfortably hold the treatment heads in place.  For the best results Lustre Pure Light Pro should be used daily for a minimum of 20 minutes a day for 12 weeks. The packs of treatment heads are cordless and rechargeable so it is mobile with the patient.

The product itself is small, rechargeable and has slim wires, making it light and neat. The device has flexible therapy heads which are applied directly to the required area. If a patent is concerned that their skin may react to the adhesive strips then they can apply a small amount of E45moisturizing cream to protect the area.

We recommend that patients with especially sensitive skin do a small patch test for 10 minutes with moisturiser before using the product for the full 20 minutes.
The device is portable so patients do not have to remain static during their daily treatments. This enables patients to continue with their daily activities at home, making it the most convenient treatment of its kind.

How does Lustre Pure Light work?

Prior to the development of Lustre Pure Light, the technology to deliver effective phototherapy has been expensive and inconvenient. The treatment used to require patients to visit aesthetic clinics several times a week for several months, making it an unrealistic treatment option for most patients. 

Lustre Pure Light is a technological breakthrough which allows safe, clinically proven phototherapy to be delivered without the inconvenience or associated high costs and can be used alone or as part of an acne treatment programme (adjuvant therapy).

Many individuals suffering from acne find that their condition significantly improves after they have had exposure to the sun. However, this can be damaging to the skin and cause premature ageing.

Lustre Pure Light does not deliver any of the harmful UV-A or UV-B light spectrum and clinically published date shows this wavelength of light delivers a 60% improvement in inflammatory lesions at 12 weeks and a 50% improvement in comedones counts at 12 weeks. 65% of patients have a moderate to marked improvement in their acne.

P.acnes, (Propionibacterium acnes) is the relatively slow- growing bacteria linked to the skin condition of acne. The genome of the bacterium has been sequenced and a study has shown several genes can generate enzymes for degrading skin and proteins that may be immunogenic (activating the immune system.) The bacterium is part of the skin flora present on most healthy adult skins in barely detectable amounts. 

The bacteria which cause acne produce mainly cor porphyrin 3 which has an absorption spectrum peak of 415 nm. Photo irradiation of P. acnes colonies with visible blue light has shown to lead to photoexcitation of endogenous bacterial porphyrins, singlet oxygen production and subsequent bacterial destruction. 420 nm light speculum has been clinically proven to effectively destroy acnes without harmful side effects.

Blue-light therapy (phototherapy) for acne has been used by dermatologists for decades to treat acne. Lustre Pro delivers the safe, visible part of the blue light spectrum at 420 nm and when used as recommended Lustre Pure Light will deliver a total weekly dose of 28.8 j/cm2.

How is Lustre Pure Light different?

All acne treatments have potential side effects and some can be severe. Some acne treatments can be painful and contain harsh chemicals which can dry the skin. There are also many treatments out there which are simply not effective at tackling acne.

Lustre Pure Light is the only treatment available at the moment which uses only the safe, natural part of the visible light therapy at 420 nm, known as phototherapy. This has been shown to be clinically effective with the added benefit of avoiding the long-term risks of UV radiation.

Patients will find the treatment pain free and can be conveniently used at home at a time suitable for them.

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