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FAQ – Laparoscopy

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A Laparoscopy is a type of surgical precedure that allows a surgeon or gynaeocologist to access the inside of the abdomen and pelvis wiothout having to make a large incision into the skin. It is also known as keyhole surgey.

Laparoscopy is minimally invasive. This is made possible with an instrument called a laparoscope.

What is a Laparoscopy used for?

A laparoscopy can be used to help diagnose a wide range of conditions that develop inside the abdomen or pelvis, such as:

  • pelvic inflammatory disease
  • endometriosis
  • liver cancer

As well as being used to see clearly inside the body, laparoscopies can also be used to carry out surgical procedures. Small surgical instruments and devices, such as lasers, can be passed through incisions in the skin. They are used to perform procedures including removing a damaged or diseased organ, such as an appendix, or to take a biopsy.

Laparoscopy is most commonly used in:

  • gynaecology – the study and treatment of conditions that affect the female reproductive system
  • gastroenterology – the study and treatment of conditions that affect the digestive system

What does the operation involve?

A diagnostic laparoscopy is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. The operation usually takes about fifteen minutes.

Your gynaecologist will make several small cuts on your abdomen. They will place surgical instruments, along with a telescope, inside your abdomen and perform the operation.

Possible side effects of Laproscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is very common and is generally regarded as very safe. Serious complications as a result of surgery are rare and occur in an estimated 1 in 1,000 cases.

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